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Kids from the Upper East Side are now in their senior year, having all sorts of problems. As usual, Gossip Girl is closely following everything that is going on. As relationships change, friendships are put up to difficult tests; scandals are erupting one by one. We follow evolution of Serena, as she is venturing on a similar path to her mothers. The high schoolers of Upper East Sides grow up, and leave the show, while the identity of Gossip Girl may be revealed soon.
Those who watch Gossip Girl are surely indulging themselves in their voyeuristic fantasies. The series gives the viewers a chance of closely following a rich mix of various relationship stories that are being ruthlessly exposed. Some call Gossip Girl, a teen version of "Sex and the City" with a slightly mean twist.
You may want to watch Gossip Girl to see the world of rich and beautiful kids in a soap opera like style. However, the character development is way beyond a simple soap opera standards. The relationship issues are shown more realistic and much deeper than we might at first expect. You get to follow romantic relationship drama, as well as conflicts between friends.
Some may not appreciate the world of hyper-reality of Gossip Girl show. Almost all characters are close to perfect in their looks, so they are not the most relatable. The same can be said about the wealth of the characters. They are clearly about the average in the money department. Lastly, this show is directed towards teens and people in their early twenties, so if you are not in the target demographic, than this show isn't probably for you.
Overall, you can easily recommend Gossip Girl to young people who have similar struggles in their life. The surface of wealth and beauty makes this world more distant, but prevalent problems of social stature are very relatable. If you were looking for a good show about teen's problems, than watch Gossip Girl.


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